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9 things you can covert to cash online today!

    We all know you can list household items on sites like e-bay, and possibly make some cash. But what if you don't have the time (or patience) to research each item and wait for someone to bid on it? We have put together a list of 9 household items that people are waiting to buy right now! Keep in mind you may not get as much as you might by listing it for sale and waiting for the right buyer, but you can clean house and end up with cash without the waiting or the extra work of an auction. Best of all you probably have several of these items laying around the house right now.

 1. Old cell phones and electronic equipment
      Yes, the latest I-Phone can be sold everywhere, but did you know even the old school non smartphones have value? You can expect to get anywhere from $3 to $20 for the older phones, and up to $150 or more for smartphones. Of course, the more recent the phone, the more its worth. Here in the office we found a shoebox full of older phones, and managed to get almost $75, enough to treat the office to lunch! You will find for the older phones, prices don't vary much from company to company, but if you are selling the latest model, shop around first, or consider selling on eBay or Craigslist to get the best price. You can find a list of companies that buy cell phones here:cellforcash.biz. Even broken phones do have value. Old cd players, TV's and computer monitors have value too! Head over to  cash4electronics.trade for a current price list. Don't want to sell, but not using it for a while? Try pawning your electronics at pawnelectronics.loan.

2. Used Ink and toner Cartridges

    Not only is it bad for the environment, but by throwing away your printerís ink or toner cartridges, you are potentially throwing away cash. There are several websites that will buy your empty cartridges and most will even pick up the tab for shipping. Used ink cartridges are usually worth a $1 or $2 while the larger copy toners can go for $20 or more. Check out cash4cartridge.info, to get started. The office store, Staples, also has a program where they will give you a $2 gift certificate for each cartridge you bring them.

3. Gift cards

    All those gift cards can be converted into cash, for a small fee, of course. If you don't need cash, consider trading for a gift card you would use, depending on the popularity of the gift card you want, you might even be able to end up with more than you started with. If cash in your pocket is a must have, expect to pay anywhere from 10-25% in fees.

cash4giftcardsnow.trade- Has link to companies that buy gift cards.

4. Sell used clothing

    Most of us have items in our closet that don't fit, we don't like, are out of fashion, or we just don't wear for one of a thousand reasons. You might be surprised at what has resale value. Of course all designer items, but good condition winter or duty clothing, flannels and bags are all in demand. The list is wide enough you would have to have a bare closet indeed not to find a few items worth some cash. Check out:  sellclothesforcash.xyz for current prices and lists. As a general rule in season items are worth the most, so your winter items are worth more in winter, and your summer items in summer!

5. Sell reward points and miles

    Don't have time for that vacation this year? You can turn those airline miles into cash! You can do the same for some credit card and store points too! This is a great way to raise some extra cash in a hurry, since if your cash strapped, you are unlikely to travel!

sellmilesforcash.online- Can search for sites that buy points and miles

6. Get cash for unused Diabetic Test strips

    I know several diabetic who always have extra piles of test strips lying around, and as long as they are unused they can easily be converted into cash. This is another great garage sale item you can buy for pennies, and instantly resell for dollars. Obliviously, this is not an option for you if you use the strips daily, but once you start keeping your eyes open, you might be surprised when you find some. I know a property manager who makes a couple hundred dollars a year selling the test strips left behind by tenants. 

selldiabeticteststrips.info- Hint: use the search function on the left to find more

7. Trade books for cash

    No, you won't be able to get anything for those trashy romance paperbacks, or your dog-eared Start Trek collection, but think textbooks and magazine collections. Old textbooks from your kid's school (I always have one in my closet) and college books fetch the best prices. Magazine collections that span several years can be good money too if in good condition. How often have you seen books at a garage sale for .25? Hmmm. Depending on the book, some textbooks sell for as much as $40 each! Make sure you calculate your shipping costs, since these are heavy items, and usually the seller is responsible for the cost to ship it. Here is a link to get you started.


8. Sell old coins for cash

    Yep, you can take this down to your local pawn shop too, but if you live in a big city, you might get more from an online dealer for your Wheat pennies and other common coins. Most pawn shops will only pay you scrap metal value, or refuse common coins, unless you have something really rare. Often times you can get more for common coins from mass coin dealers.
cash4coin.trade- Search around for multiple dealers

9. Change music cd's and DVD's into cash

    Remember back before the I-Pad and Netflix those fun little silver disks we used to carry around? If they are not scratched up and from Artists/ titles other people have heard of, they are worth a bit. Don't expect to get more than a few bucks for the in demand titles, and far less for the less popular. But it will be one less item to dust, especially if you have already converted to digital. 


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