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Make $ with Arts and Crafts time for Adults

    In the past crafters have had to slug it out at craft fairs and farmer's markets, often meaning long hours and little profit. All of that has changed in the last few years as a number of online marketplaces have opened that allow amateur crafters a forum to sell their goods. Crafters can now have their goods seen all over the world without leaving home, which is not only great for convenience, but wonderful for keeping a low overhead. Before you pick up the glue gun and start buying pipe cleaners in bulk, here are our top tips to selling your crafts online:
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How to get your on TV or in print!

    Before investing the time into finding your child an agency and going on castings, first make sure that modeling is something that he is genuinely excited about. Your kid should never feel pressured to model or feel like you will be mad if he decides itís not something he wants to do. Once youíre certain that your little one is really on board, take note of the tips below.

Be realistic.
    Though you may have visions of mega-millions rolling in from your child's modeling, this is rarely ever the case. Some child models might get only two or three jobs a month, and young kids usually work no more than two hours at a time.The standard rate children get for catalog work is around $75 an hour. Posing for product packages -- a soap-box label, for example -- may pay a bit more, perhaps $125 per hour, but editorial work for magazines may be even less lucrative, ranging from $25 to $75 an hour. (Parents magazine pays child models $50 hourly.) "Sometimes the most prestigious places pay the least because you get such a good tear sheet for your child's portfolio out of it,"

Take Clear and Clean Photos
When taking snapshots of your kid, note that less is more. As adorable as the photo of him with cake and sprinkles all of over his face may be, that typically isnít the photo that agencies want to see. Instead, he should be facing the camera; no hat, sunglasses or makeup. You can easily take this kind of picture at home with a digital camera. Make sure the pictures show your childís features and take a variety of poses, including head shots and full-body shots. The photos should be in color.

Go With a Reputable and Registered Agency
Doing your research on agencies is critical so that your child is protected and has a good experience. Pick an agency that is registered and one that has an impressive portfolio to reflect their credibility. You representation should have some proof, whether a page on their website or via their social media, of campaigns that theyíve booked for their clients. .

For safety purposes, never leave your child alone with an agent or photographer. Be with him at all times, even if the agency is reputable, to ensure that his physical and emotional safety are protected.

Hit the streets

Now you will need to start going to casting calls. Here is where the real work is. You may have as many as two go-sees a day, then none for weeks. And your child could get hired right away, or it may take ten or more tries to catch a would-be client's eye. Here are a few places you can get lists of casting calls. A few will even pay for travel expenses: