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How to use grants to buy a car

    Think about how necessary a car is in todayís society.  Perhaps if you live in a large city with an excellent public transportation you can get away without having a car.  But even then there are times that a car could come in handy; indeed when a car can be downright necessary, especially when you donít have the cash on hand to call a cab.  Unfortunately for many low income families owning a car is a pipe dream.  They simply canít afford one even though they live in a country where oneís way of life is defined by being able to move about independently.

    Buying a car can be a challenge, especially if you lack the financial resources. Car grants exist, but can be a challenge to find. You can start your search by visiting our various databases. There are several types of transportation grants available, and only some have income requirements, others like the cash for clunkers program are designed to get older cars off the streets.

Are you curious as to how you can get free cars for low income families?  Believe it or not there are actually a good number of organizations out there who offer grants (if not outright cars) for families in financial need. Come check out all of the programs we have located to help you get cash for a car!

The problem

The United States has one of the highest concentrations of cars per capita of any country on the planet, but unfortunately the distribution of cars is not even throughout the population.  While many families own two or more cars; sometimes even having one car per member of the household, other families, usually those with lower incomes or who fall in under the poverty line end up having no cars at all, which is where those organizations that offer grants for cars or who award cars to deserving families outright can definitely play their part.

Owning a car means new expenses like gas, repairs, insurance and more. But the longer term positive impact on oneís ability to keep and move ahead in a job is usually well worth it. Saving up enough to buy a car ó or saving anything at all ó may seem impossible to you right now. If you can't get a loan from bank, fortunately there are a lot of organizations targeting this need and helping people to get wheels at little or no expense.

Grants for cars for low income families come in one of two basic forms, they are either grants for money in order to purchase a car, or cars awarded to families outright based on financial need.  These cars and the money to purchase cars either come from nonprofit or charitable organizations, or the government.

Federal Grants

The federal government awards a wide variety of transportation grants each year. Available funds are used for a variety of purposes, including the purchase of vehicles and repairs to existing vehicles. The catch is that these funds are typically allocated to state and local government agencies, such as public transit systems, and nonprofit organizations that provide transportation services to the public or certain populations like veterans or the elderly. Despite it being a long shot, it still makes sense to periodically check the federal grant database.


 If you canít find a free car you might consider looking for a reasonable loan ó and one that is available to those without great credit scores. There are some steps you should take to increase your chances of getting a loan. First, identify companies that will take credit scores of 300 to 660: Compare their interest rates and the length of time for the loan and what your resulting payments would be. Remember when you decide how much money to borrow to include both the price of the car and taxes and fees. If you can get this done ahead of time and even get pre-approved for a car, youíll have a much easier time negotiating a deal. Check out:

lowincomecarloans.org - Has car loan programs for the low income, retired, elderly and disabled.

lowincomecarloans.com - Another good site.

nodownpaymentcarloans.net - Has no down programs for those with income or credit

nocreditcheckautosale.com - Has programs for those with poor credit or no credit

cheapcarloanrates.com - Has very low rates for those with good credit

is a type of program that coordinates with groups across the country. Their assistance may come in the form of a car, a matching program for special savings accounts, or low interest or heavily subsidized loan arrangements.

carcharity.info is a curious site to us. They donít provide a lot of information and simply ask that you provide your name, email address and state. They also ask you to give a brief description of your situation and why you need a vehicle. They donít provide a phone number because they say they need to devote their resources to talking to people who want to donate a car. They just tell you to submit your information and it will be reviewed. Then they will contact you are chosen to get a car. They clearly focus their promotion and other efforts on getting people to donate cars. We have not found any reviews of the results, positive or negative.

Crowdfunding for Money For A Car
In addition to going after a car through the organizations described above there are also ways that you can try to get more money. Definitely check this out if you're new to the crowdfunding concept: crowdfunding4car.info